HETAS Installers

HETAS installers are fully qualified experts and government approved workers specialising in installing all types of fireplaces, stoves, wood burning stoves and a variety of chimney work. Being a HETAS installer means that the installer has passed tests to prove they have the comprehension and skills to achieve an installation to a certain level as well as knowing the regulations in terms of clearances to combustibles etc.

Safe Installation

HETAS Installers are vital to employ if you want your installation job done correctly and safely, as a bad installation by an unprofessional can result in Carbon Monoxide becoming present in the home which consequently is very dangerous and life threatening.

Another negative point about not working with a HETAS installer is that your home insurance may be deemed invalid if your installation isn't HETAS approved. Only HETAS registered installers are approved to fit solid fuel and wood burning stoves and here at flue install we are HETAS approved so we can do this for you. We have been HETAS approved here at flue install for many years so with us you know you are in safe hands.